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There’s nothing better than Vancouver in the summertime!

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Queen Elizabeth: Constitutional monarch, head of the Commonwealth … and photobomber.

This is no place for fear of food or dainty eating.

Now in its second year, tickets for Brewery and The Beast, on Sunday, July 27, sold out six days after the $89 tickets went on sale. More than 1,000 people said: “Me! Me! Me!” to the upcoming smorgasbord of meat, meat, meat in Vancouver.

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An Indian wedding celebration in Metro Vancouver lasts more than a week, involves hundreds of people, and easily costs $100,000.

This photo gallery marks the wedding day of Serena Rai and Tej Mann, who exchanged vows at the Ross Street Temple in Vancouver on Saturday.

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The Pemberton Music Festival is a big one in B.C., and it’s heating up fast.

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The view is breathtaking and the neighbourhood tony. But the house is a teardown. Guesses as to the price for this #Vancouver home? Would you believe … $25.8 million?


Photos: The 14 coolest swimming pools in the world.

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A few years ago, Tom Anselmi came up with a radical concept: combining Vancouver’s late ’60s pop legends The Poppy Family with younger musicians they’ve influenced.

Saturday the dream becomes reality, when Poppies Susan Jacks, Craig McCaw and Satwant Singh link up with musicians from the New Pornographers, Destroyer and Black Mountain at the Khatsahlano street party in Vancouver.

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Shoppers flocked to Top Shelf Cannabis dispensary in Bellingham, Wash., on Tuesday for a chance to buy cannabis, which is being sold legally for the first time in the state.

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Gone viral: A Saskatchewan photographer is getting international attention after sharing photos she took this weekend of a newlywed couple stealing a kiss in front of a tornado.